Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully our terms & conditions before do any reservation.       


Payment Terms & Conditions:

  • Deposit required to hold the date. We will send a confirmation letter after the deposit is received.
  • Full payment should be received before the venue day. Bank transfer or online payment must be transferred 1 week earlier the venue’s date and please pay in full amount. Some bank fees or charges will be buyer’s/customer’s responsibility. If you don’t mind check your nearby bank for transfer charge. Some of the time the sum that you sent not the same sum as we receive. In the event that this case happened then we will send you a print screen of our account and calculated as the sum that we received. We will charge 4% extra charges if pay through Paypal.
  • Up front payment is not refundable if any cancellation happens with the exception of power majeure happened.
  • Photographer/videographer obligation might be restricted to a full refund of any deposits and charges paid if any unexpected power majeure happened.

Photography Terms and Condition:

Photographs delivery time may vary.

  • Pre-wedding photograph session: 14 working days after the service date in low season up to 45 working days after the service date in high season period.
  • Wedding photography: subject to duration of photography services. The more drawn out of photography services implies we will produce more photographs and it will require longer time for post processing. For the most part we may convey the outcome in 20 working days after the service date in low season or maximum 60 working days in high season.
  • Album delivery time: around 2 months. We will send a layout to approve before we print.
  • For the most part we do wedding photography in photojournalistic or sincere style. We will take the moment around us. In the event that you have any photographs demand with somebody or any set up images/pictures, please inform ahead of time. Any photography requests with somebody, location or style can’t be authentically taken. The greater part of the requests ought to be a set up pictures, even it looks natural, however need to set up to be that way.
  • We attempt to cover as much photographs as we can, but sometimes the wedding location is too huge and some of the time we have to travel from one point then onto the next point. We can’t cover anything during our travel time. In the event that you hold your venue in enormous resort or have 2 distinct locations for getting prepared and the wedding ceremony, then I recommend to arrange carefully and get some information about what sort of photographs that you truly need to have before the photographer leave to other wedding region.
  • We only give JPEG format of photographs. Any request of RAW format will be in extra charges of USD300 (included hard disk+shipment).
  • All copyrights have a place with photographer(s); he/she has the privilege to utilize/demonstrate some photographs to different customers for marketing purpose.  Please visit these websites for more understanding about copyright of photos.
  • We will delete all of the files in our server 6 months after our service date. We will not give any support for any issue if already over 6 months of time.


Video Terms and Condition:

  • Delivery (result) time around 2-3 months of time
  • Shipment by courier to Asia/Australia countries effectively included and typically just takes 2-4 working days.
  • Any song request must inform to us before the service date subsequent to the song/music will affect our video shooting style. On the off chance that up to the venues date still no request then we considered that we pick the song/music for customer. Changing song request after the wedding day will occur extra charges. In the event that no request that implies our video editors have the privilege to pick the appropriate background songs for your clips. We have the rights to reject one or some background music’s/melodies if our editors discovered it not suits your clip.
  • 1x (once) revision allowed for highlight (short version cut) only, but in the event that you are not all that acquainted with video editing then we suggest don’t change so much. On the off chance that you don’t like the second (revised) version then you may still request the primary version of video clip. Any revision will require significant time, kindly don’t rush. All of our video editors are genuine artist that need inspiration to make a decent clip. No revision for documentary video (long version video) since its all in order and nothing you can change with it.
  • Due some individuals require faster result for their reception in the place where they grew up or any other reason, there is a discretionary to do quick editing of highlight video. We might deliver the highlight/short edition of video inside 10 days. However, no revision permitted inside that period. If you like to have a revision we might do it in normal delivery time (2-3 months). Documentary video remain will be conveyed 2-3 months after the big day.
  • We will delete all of the files in our server 6 months after our service date. We will not give any support for any issue if already over 6 months of time.
  • We have the right to utilize/demonstrate the clip on our site as our portfolio.


Terms of Aerial video:

  • Bad weather so our drone not suitable to fly
  • Our drone have done the flight but the wind is excessively solid and affect the camera movement (shake) so the outcome can’t be use
  • Our drone has an accident or crash
  • Or any other condition that totally (100%) we can’t utilize the video result.

If one of the above conditions happened then we will refund or deduct the fee of this option


Files Handling:

We had experience from a little number of customers before that they haven’t reply our emails yet, up to today. Some of them use dedicated email which is only for wedding purpose and I believe they forgot the password. Please be noted that we will delete all files 6 months after our service date. We don’t accept any revision of photograph’s album or video 6 months after your wedding or pre wedding day. A debt of gratitude is in order for your cooperation to reply our email.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information that you may need.


With Kind Regards