Sony A7s Real Wedding Review – Masaki & Takei at Alila Uluwatu Bali

Can we use Sony A7s for wedding?

I never do any review in the past, but I think I have to write about this Sony A7s. Why Sony A7s?
This camera is another evolution in our industry (photography).
Up to last year, if we are talking about quality images (in my opinion) ISO3,200 is the maximum. There are noise in ISO3,200 but the details still good… but it still 4 digits ISO number. However, when the first time I saw Sony advertisement video about A7s, I said WOW… ISO409,600. Ok then ISO10,000 should be usable if the maximum capability up to ISO409,600… and start from today we can talk about 5 digits ISO number which I even don’t want to think to set such high ISO number in the past.
I took all these photos (below) by manual focus. I, myself brought 2 unit Canon 5D Mark III + 1 unit Sony A7s with various lenses on the day.
Can we use A7s for wedding since its only 12MP and more advantage for video?
I believe in wedding industry 12MP isn’t a problem since we rarely need to print as big as 3x4meters and mostly just for album, so 12MP is more than enough.
Ok let’s check how good or bad A7s in real wedding.
The following pictures all from Sony A7s, of course still a lot of photos from Canon 5D Mark III but I will not show it out in this post. I did some color correction, brightness adjustment, cropping and resizing sometimes BW converting… that’s all.

Sony A7s + Carl Zeiss Planar ZE 50mm f/1.4


1. 50mm, ISO800, f/2.0

2. 50mm, ISO800, f/1.4

3. 50mm, ISO800, f/1.4

4. 50mm, ISO1,600, f/1.4

5. 50mm, ISO1,600, f/1.4

6. 50mm, ISO1,600, f/1.4

7. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.4

8. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.4

9. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.7

10. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.7

11. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.7

12. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.7

13. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.7

14. 50mm, ISO200, f/1.7

15. 50mm, ISO1,000, f/1.4

16. 50mm, ISO1,000, f/1.4

17. 50mm, ISO10,000, f/1.4

18. 50mm, ISO10,000, f/1.4

19. 50mm, ISO10,000, f/1.4

20. 50mm, ISO10,000, f/2.0

21. 50mm, ISO10,000, f/1,6

22. 50mm, ISO10,000, f/1,6

Conclusions: I like to use Sony A7s but for the second or third camera, not as the main one. The manual focus in this camera is easy to use, but still can’t be used for fast moving object.

-. Lightweight … this is my priority for a camera since holding 2kgs of camera + lenses for 7 to 16hrs a day is a nightmare.
-. Easy to operate manual focusing, there is an option to magnify when focusing.
-. Easy to focus in the low light condition due to EVF (Electronic View Finder) and even easier compare to Auto Focus.
-. The result directly show in the EVF so you needn’t to move the camera away from you and look at the LCD for the results/photos. You might missed a lot of moment by doing this.
-. There are some noise when you use ISO10,000 but the camera preserves the details very well.
-. This is the most powerful tools/camera (up to today) when you lost your lighting/flash.

-. Skin tone color need a lot of correction.
-. Limited selection of lenses. So better to use Canon Lens + Metabones adapter.
Please take a note that Sony or Canon never paid me to write this kind of posting. I have to pay the cameras from my own pocket. I don’t ask you to buy Sony or Canon cameras, I just shared my own opinion.